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If you are born on the 20th of March your zodiac sign is Pisces. . catch some warrior spirit energy from the Aries star sign on this date – there is.

Elliot Rodger was seeing a therapist as well and of course, he also wrote a few things down too. It was not something, he says, which could ever have been talked about when they were actually at school — it would have been seen as a sign of weakness. Whether it means anything at all to this narrative, Mr. Is there anything in this chart that should at the very least question, if not outright doubt the official story? Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

Astrology ; Neptune and Chiron in Pisces offer up everything from distortion to a sense of false pathos. Chiron in Pisces in the 3rd is crying sans tears. Not only that, but the Gemini Sun is Squaring Neptune.

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Saturn is the most well aspected planet in the chart, having a grand time of it up in the 11th House. Pluto, in mutual reception adds corporate juice and some status quo mojo. Jupiter in trine expands the message. The Bi-Quintile to Mercury adds authoritative voices that likely go unchallenged. While Gemini is the prankster of the zodiac, as we have mentioned, it also rules the mind.

Mercury squaring Chiron, in Pisces reverberates with messaging regarding mental Mercury and Chiron Health. So we are being inundated with stories about how sick Elliot and yet, this was a kid who was said to live a life on the couch, visiting therapists from a very young age, all the way up through college. If there are more and there will be events such as this, neatly tucked into the folds of Obamacare is mandatory psych testing. Want a job? Take the test. Want to go to university?

Going from middle school to high school? Mercury square Chiron also brings us back to the validity of the event itself. Saturn will also square Neptune much earlier. Not far from Santa Barbara, in the town of of Castaic, Raytheon contracted out to the local jail, where they tested their Active Denial technology on inmates. Raytheon built the microwave oven back in When Gemini is in the air, reality and assorted variations of it are a kaleidoscopic fractal where nothing is as it seems.

The only thing that makes sense is patterns, clues and the deconstructed narrative. Excellent stuff as usual Robert, thank you.

I had to chuckle reading the first couple of paragraphs. Love this article, from your writing style to the exposition of the topic. Suddenly, they have seemed especially thoughtless and cruel or manipulative. It was an idyllic time for me. It was shocking to see these recent events unfold at street names where I lived, or shopped, or partied during my years there.

Though your writing is about the stars, I find it grounds me. Strange days indeed.

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We are under attack. These psyops are being perpetrated on the American people. These events are like death by 1, paper cuts. They are incessant and ongoing. They are also being staged by the very same people that are destabilizing Ukraine. Thanks Kim. Your amazing deconstruction, which is truly beyond brilliant, is so appreciated. I think of G. Coyote plays a role here as well. Yes, I noted that. Frail, weak, tender, fresh and young.

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June, you bring up a good point. The Twins have played a truly important role in the form of tricksters and even polarized creator gods, like Enlil and Enki. However, something happened during the assassination of Gemini, Kennedy that changed things, reversed polarities and altered the timeline. We are now living in some sort of multiphasic overdrive, manifesting as a type of mutation, a social metastasis. Of course, the corresponding physical allegory is the widespread epidemic of cancer. The creation stories are related to this — power songs, hereditary power, etc.

I assumed this is what had happened. Maybe, that alteration of the timeline 50 years ago was necessary for exposure.

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Like in discovering your true self. The events in the Ukraine might well be a tipping point and a sign of an unavoidable reset. It does come down to that ultimately. I remember witnessing the horror of the Bush admin and the Neocon war criminals and thinking how they were essential to our awakening and that bitter lesson now seems lost.

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Hi there. I found your blog while trying to figure out what in the heck is going on.

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At first I thought it was just the Merc Rx since I am Virgo and am often sent people who need my help during these periods. I suddenly have ideas about complex situations involving components in which I have no expertise, only to read an article which seems to confirm them hours later.

Patterns are repeating, synchronicity is in the air like I have never experienced. Given the typical retrograde associations I cannot tie these particular visions to the past as they are all future themed. I am having some typical retro experiences, but they are pretty obvious.

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If so for how long and should I have my entire chart analyzed for the particulars I need for my journey. I am sorry for the rambling — I am having trouble explaining this. The article I mentioned above actually seems to apply to the subject of this blog with regard to what is happening on our planet and our best chances for changing it. It is an intense interview with Henry Giroux and a is a big bleak as to what extent the American civil right to speak out against the government and change it has been decimated while the population as a whole is being brainwashed, distracted, or otherwise incapacitated to the point of unconditional surrender.

I am posting the link and please accept my apologies in advance if this is a faux paux on your website. Sounds like you are having a next level awakening. Neptune rules all solvents, including things like turpentine which dissolve and Linseed Oil, which binds pigments together in paints. You have the perfect dress, heels and handbag for your holiday party but what about the right underpinnings?