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If you are born on the 20th of March your zodiac sign is Pisces. . catch some warrior spirit energy from the Aries star sign on this date – there is.

The native with Kamala yoga will be beautiful like a lotus, he will be renowned, virtuous, perform auspicious deeds, famous, live like a king. Vaapi Yoga well or reservoir of water — Majority of planets placed in houses other than kendra houses.

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There are two variants in this yoga. Majority of planets placed in Panaphara house or in Apoklima houses. The native with Vaapi yoga is skilled in amassing wealth, will enjoy lasting riches and happiness, cunning, mischievous. Shringataka Yoga mountain — When majority of the planets placed in the trikona houses or trines, Shringataka yoga is formed. Trikona houses are 1st, 5th and 9th houses. When planets located here especially benefics will provide lot of wealth, comforts, happiness. The native will be wealthy, courageous, wise, very intelligent, always try to follow dharma, do lots of charity, a warrior, fond of combat, will have beautiful wife.

Hala Yoga the plough — There are three variants in this yoga. They are differentiated by placement of planets in three different trinal group. They are:. When planets located in any particular group, the features of that group will dominate the person.

So when Artha trikona is dominated in a chart, then the person will be more interested in accumulating wealth. When in Kaama trikona, he will be more interested in sensual pleasures and in Moksha trikona, he will be inclined towards spirituality and liberation. Other general results mentioned in scriptures are that the person will be blessed with friends and relatives, fond of eating, be a poor and miserable, live with agriculture income.

Yupa Yoga a pole to tie the animal while performing a yagna — When all the planets situated between 1st to 4th house, Yupa yoga is formed. In this yoga, 1st house of self, 2nd house of wealth, 3rd with courage and 4th house of home comforts are dominated.

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Shara Yoga an arrow — Majority of the planets will be placed between 4 and 7th houses. In Shara yoga, dominant features are 4th house of home comforts, 5th house of intelligence, 6th house of theft, enemies, crime and 7th house of sensual pleasures. The person with this yoga is adventurous, cruel, manufacture arms and ammunition, he may use arms in his profession like army or police officer, a hunter, jailor etc. If benefics are placed in 6th house or 6th lord is in good position, then negative effects of the yoga is reduced.

Sakti Yoga javelin — Here all the planets occupy between the 7th and 10th houses. Here dominant features are sensual pleasures 7th houses , failures, longevity 8th house , fortune 9th house and work 10th house. Houses 7 to 10 are located in visible half of zodiac. The person with Shakti yoga is poor, subjected to grief, combative, argumentative. Danda Yoga rod — When majority of planets will be placed in the houses from 10th to the lagna, Danda yoga is formed.

The houses involved are work 10th house , gains 11th house , expenditure 12th house and self lagna.

Danda yoga makes the native unsuccessful, devoid of wealth, cruel hearted, rejected, spiritual inclinations. Nauka Yoga boat — When all the planets occupy between 1st to 7th houses, Nauka yoga is produced. These houses belongs to invisible half of zodiac.


Koota Yoga — Here planets will be situated between 4th to 10th houses. The native with this yoga will be untruthful, crafty, cruel, not trustworthy, very active, goes behind material pursuits, ignorant of what is right and wrong. Chhatra Yoga crown — Here planets will be placed between 7th and 1st hoses.

The native with this yoga will be scholar, very helpful, extrovert, involved in public activity, kind, liberal, enjoy happiness and comforts, will neglect family members. Chhapa or Dhanush Yoga bow — When majority of planets occupy between the houses 10 and 4th, Chhapa yoga is formed.

Such natives are brave, liar, skilled in archery, wanderer. Ardha Chandra Yoga half Moon — In this yoga, the seven planets will occupy seven continuous houses starting from a non-kendra house. There are 8 different non-kendra houses in which the series of planets can start. The person with this yoga is fortunate, commander of an army, charming looks, honoured by the government, possess gems and jewellery, brave.

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Chakra Yoga circle — Here planets will be situated in six alternate houses starting from the lagna. That means they occupy in six odd houses. Here planets will be dispersed in the whole chart, thereby less conflicts among each other. So planets are capable of giving independent results. Samudra Yoga ocean — Here planets will be placed in six alternate houses starting from the 2nd house.

The planets will occupy six even houses, so emotions will dominate the native. Here also planets are sitting independently, so there will not be conflicts among them. According to scriptures, the native will be wealthy, renowned, virtuous, endowed with pleasures, stable mindset, trustworthy. Your email address will not be published.

Astrology 0. Dala Yogas These yogas are dependent on the placement of planets in kendra houses. There are two variants. Aakriti Yogas Aakriti yogas are formed based on the certain geometric patterns. These are divided into two main groups: The Angular group and the Arc group. Kendra Angular disposition — There are 6 yogas under this subgroup.

We will discuss Vargotamma, Pushkara, Rashi Tulya, bhava suchaka and many techniques of using navamsha properly. Dwadashamsha Varga Chart for past lives , issues we inherit, timing of past life problems and relationship with parents. Shastiamsha, the 60th varga and Vimshopaka, the strength in depth of the Vargas and special strengths of planets known as Visheshika amshas. More on Panchanga - studying Dagdha Rashi or burnt houses.

How they effect the quality of the houses they rule. Yogi planets are extremely positive ones while ava yogi create problems. Badhaka signs- Badha means block and certain signs and their rulers can create blocks. How to interpret them. Panchanga techniques - Studying Dagdha Rashi or burnt houses. How they affect the quality of the houses they rule. Yogi planets are extremely positive ones while ava yogi creates problems.

Karaka means the doer, the significator. Karakas are the essential tool for Vedic astrologers. Planets take on the mantle of the karakas. These karakas drive the chart in fulfilling the soul's demands.

Specific areas of life have different karakas.